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Stop Unhealthy Oral Breathing    |    Restore Brain Functions    |    Restore Parasympathetic Nervous Imbalance


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Patakara Premium
US $87

– Latest version of Patakara
– THREE times more effective than previous Patakara
– More comfortable to use
– Instructional DVD included (English, Japanese and Chinese audio)

M Patakara [Child]
US $77

– Specially made for children 3–13 years old
– Easy and safe to use
– Through years of experience, we wish to recommend that children from ages of 3 to 7 be accompanied by parents (using an adult model) while doing the exercises. In this way it will be like playing a game together. The benefits the parents would derived from the exercises will also be tremendous.

US $28

(Comes in pairs, one soft and one hard)

– Specially designed for infants who have no chance to be breastfed or who are plagued by symptoms of Oral Breathing.
– To be used in conjunction with a feed-bottle nipple of a suitable size (Pigeon brand nipple is recommended).
– For usage instructions and symptoms of oral breathing in babies please
click here.

Chu Lip
US $38

(Comes in pairs, bottle not included)

– Recommended for use by adults or children 14 years and older.
– The ChuLip is designed for people who are unable to use Patakara, or who prefer using an alternative product in public places.
– This is a special attachment for drinking bottles. Users can effectively train their lips while drinking at any time or place, without drawing unwanted attention.

EMR Shield
US $16

– The EMR Shield is a highly advance breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation by up to 99%.