Facial Muscles Related Conditions and Liptrainer Patakara

Lip Trainer Patakara improves Slimming, Facial Beauty, Double Chin, Eye Bags, Sagging Face Muscles and Mouth Drooping.

Interactions of the mimetic muscles in the facial region

Amongst all animals on Earth, humans have the most facial muscles. Facial and masticatory muscles are composed of two muscle groups. These, combined with facial expression nerves and muscles, have significant implications in human health.

The orbicularis oris muscle (muscles around the mouth) is connected to the muscles which radially extend into the face to form the contours.  In contrast to thicker skeletal muscles, the orbicularis oris muscle, cheek muscles, including the expression muscles, are small, thin and fragile. Therefore, when aging occurs, the lack of exercise will result in these muscles becoming the most susceptible to damage.

When lip muscles are recessed with aging, they are unable to keep the mouth closed resulting in problems related to Oral Breathing.  The most damaging consequence is the reduced intake of Oxygen during sleep.  The end result is that the facial muscles become loose and lack flexibility.  This can lead to eye bags, sagging jaw muscles, double chins, mouth drooping and dull facial expressions.  The blood flow and metabolism in facial muscles also slow down and could result in skin problems.

Blood circulation in the body is a complete system and is not limited to a particular area in the body.  If blood supply is not sufficient in the head and face, the muscles in these areas will lack nutrients and lose their elasticity.

Aging is a normal phenomenon, but premature aging is a sign of being unhealthy. In addition to the use of skin care products, attention need to be given to the facial muscles which play a key role in helping the body to restore its original functions.  It is important to intake sufficient oxygen for all metabolic activities in the skin and around the body. This restoration of circulation and oxygen supplies is the best anti-aging approach.

Since the expression muscles and the orbicularis oris (muscles around the mouth) are linked together, the appropriate training of the lips muscles can result in the elimination of double chin, restore elasticity to your face and quickly achieve cosmetic results. More importantly, the stimulation of the lips will result in the increase of blood flow to the head, face and the whole body.

The aging process cannot be avoided, but it can be slowed significantly with the correct methods. One of the key treatments is to restore health and elasticity in the facial muscles.  This can be achieved easily and conveniently by use of the Lip Trainer Patakara oral training device.

Using it at least 4 times a day and 5 minutes each time can aid in the process of slowing down the aging process significantly.

Face Slimming Secret – Lip Trainer Patakara

Before Lip Training

After 1 Month Lip Training

The aging process is slow but noticeable.  At the start you’ll feel the loosening in your cheeks and the facial lines and wrinkles will become noticeable.  Some people solve these problems by going on a diet, but this can lead to malnutrition, which affects your health. Some undergo plastic surgery but there are costs and risks involved.

Firming the face and to look younger is no longer a dream. You can do it yourself easily with The Lip Trainer.  It counteracts aging of the skin and the muscles below the skin.  It is not only safe but effective. Normal facial treatments are only for the surface, but the new Patakara – Lip Trainer’s special design not only treats the surface muscles, it also can treat the deeper muscles of orbicularis, buccal, neck and mylohyoid.  It treats and tones, resulting in a holistic strengthening and balance of all the facial muscles. This not only extends the youthful look but also revitalize the muscles. When this happens the face looks firmer and well defined. Meanwhile, you also get all the other benefits that are related to nose breathing, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system and blood flow to the brain. Congratulations!

Before Lip Training

After Lip Training
Loose skin below the chin has tightened.

Before Lip Training

After Lip Training
After using Patakara for 3 weeks, the loose skin below the chin has tightened resulting in an accentuated and defined form.