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Thank You for your interest in the “Lip Trainer Patakara” concept and products. With over a decade of research and clinical results behind them, we are confident you will gain tremendous health benefits by incorporating them as part of a daily ‘Lip Strengthening’ exercise.


We welcome inquiries from all health-care professionals and institutions regarding the workings and pricing of Patakara Products for Adults, Children and Babies. It is our sincere hope that the Lip Trainer Patakara will assist you in providing your clients with another proven method in therapy and rehabilitation for many degenerative and lifestyle-related conditions.


We also welcome inquiries for import and bulk purchase from health-care individuals and companies to distribute and promote the whole range of our Lip Trainer Patakara products.


Best wishes for health and prosperity,

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We spend much time and resources to exercise the body. But we have grossly neglected the Lips, which is being shown to have wide-ranging effects on our overall health. Let us begin to strengthen our Lips. So we can slow down the aging process and help to improve on the many degenerative and life-style related diseases that plague our lives in the modern world.

The Lip Trainer Patakara is an invention that has a profound effect on many areas of health. Let us seize the opportunity to improve the quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones, be they infants, children, adults or old folks.