Lip Trainer Patakara is helping Adults and Children become free of Atopic Dermatitis and other degenerative diseases.

Atopic Dermatitis Patient

The patient is a 25 year old female diagnosed with Atopic dermatitis. She was informed that it will take approximately 2-3 months to recover from Atopic dermatitis. The patient was asked to use Patakara facial therapy 8 times a day.

Week 1 – Throat


First treatment.

Week 4 – Throat


Inflammation of the throat and neck rash has reduced.

Week 7 – Throat


Skin rash intensity has reduced.

Week 9 – Throat


Throat region nearly recovered. All skin rashes no longer causes irritation. The patient is also able to use regular soap rather than specially prescribed soap.

Week 10 – Throat


At this stage, recovery is almost complete. Patient happily mentions that she will be able to wear short sleeved clothes.

Patients with Skin Loosening

Before Lip Training

After Lip Training
Loose skin below the chin has tightened.

Before Lip Training

After Lip Training
After using Patakara for 3 weeks, the loose skin below the chin has tightened resulting in an accentuated and defined form.

Teeth Correction

Boy – Before Lip Training

Boy – After 1 Year Lip Training

Girl – Before Lip Training

Girl – After 8 Months Lip Training
Facial muscles and gum were strengthened, resulting in realignment of teeth.

Stroke Patient

4 Year Stroke Patient – Before Lip Training (Drooling)

The stroke caused body paralysis, hyper-salivation, speaking difficulties and suffocation.

4 Year Stroke Patient – After 6 Weeks Lip Training

Patient did not fully recover until using Lip Trainer – Patakara (Even after four years of rehabilitation).

Dementia Patient

Dementia Patient – Before Lip Training

Three months prior to leaving the hospital, 88 year old Mrs S found herself asking why she was at a hospital. She did not remember she was admitted due to dementia.

Dementia Patient – After 8 Months Lip Training

It was only after asking her family did she find out that she was diagnosed with dementia.

Adenoiditis Patient

Adenoiditis Patient – Before Lip Training

Inflammation of the throat as a result of oral respiration.

Adenoiditis Patient – After 20 Months Lip Training

Symptoms were alleviated due to corrected respiration (nasal).

Dry-eye and Xerostomia

In Osaka, Sakai city’s Hino hospital rheumatoid specialist Dr Shimizu asked his patients use Patakara facial therapy. They trained 6 times per day leading to improvement of breathing and quality of sleep. After 6 months of continuous training, the patient’s conditions had improved dramatically.