Liptrainer Patakara Products


Stop Unhealthy Oral Breathing    |    Restore Brain Functions    |    Restore Parasympathetic Nervous Imbalance


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M Patakara [Adult]

Recommended for use by adults
or children 14 years and older.

M Patakara [Child]

Specially made for children 3–13 years old.
Easy and safe to use.


One size for all.
Fit Pull is specially designed
to improve the intensity and results
of your Patakara training.

Chu Lip

(Comes in pairs, bottle not included)
Recommended for use by adults or children 14 years and older.
The ChuLip is designed for people who are unable to use Lohas Patakara or M Patakara, or who prefer using an alternative product in public places. This is a special attachment for drinking bottles. Users can effectively train their lips while drinking at any time or place, without drawing unwanted attention.


(Comes in pairs, one soft and one hard)
Specially designed for infants who have no chance to be breastfed or who are plagued by symptoms of Oral Breathing. To be used in conjunction with a feed-bottle nipple of a suitable size (Pigeon brand nipple is recommended). For usage instructions and symptoms of oral breathing in babies please click here.

EMR Shield

The EMR Shield is a highly advance breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation by up to 99%.

Swedish Bitters Concentrate 30ml
(Original Recipe of Maria Treben)

Maria Treben, the renowned Austrian herbalist, is credited with re-discovering Swedish Bitters shortly after WW II. Since then, it has become the most popular health tonic in Europe, commonly known as The Long Life Elixir. Maria Treben used Swedish Bitters as the main remedy in all her healing works.